Heat Trace

Experts in Heat Trace

A.W. Schultz has been helping customers with their heat trace design projects for over 20 years. Our experience includes design, controls and supplying materials needed for piping solutions, snow and ice melt applications for pavements and roof, gutter and downspout deicing applications. We also stock popular varieties of heat trace cable and accessory items from Nelson™ heat trace and can ship them quickly out of our warehouse to your job site without delay.  Let us provide our knowledge and expertise to your next heat trace project.


Heat Trace Piping Solutions

Our project work in heat trace includes many industries but is not limited to power plants, biodiesel plants, ethanol plants, chemical plants, refineries and processing facilities.  Our customers have used our expertise to keep the pipe at their facilities from freezing or to keep fluids maintained at elevated temperatures.  We offer complete heat trace design and engineering for process piping with isometric drawings and the supporting documentation if needed.

We are able to supply the complete line of Nelson™ Heat Trace cable and accessory products and can also offer the following if required for your heat trace project:

  • Heat Trace Control Panels With Assembly And Wiring Diagrams
  • Isometric Drawings With Heat Trace Circuits
  • Project Bill Of Material Coordination
  • Circuit Breaker and Transformer Load Reports
  • Breaker Schedule
  • Engineering Assistance For Installation
  • Field Training Session At Job Site
  • Operating And Maintenance Manuals
Pipe Support Installation


Hanger Style Support Installation
Design, products, controls and sensors to keep pavements from freezing for concrete, asphalt, tile, brick, granite, terrazzo or marble.

Snow & Ice Melt For Pavements

Let A.W. Schultz design your snow melt pavement project and provide you the right cable and accessory items.  We have assisted so many customers by providing just the right combination of product controllers and sensors to keep pavements from freezing and re-freezing.  The cable we offer for this application is from Nelson™ and is designed to be strong, durable and long lasting.

A.W. Schultz is your complete source for snow and ice melting pavement projects and can provide:

  • Design and Detailed Drawings
  • Mineral Insulated Cable
  • Power Connection Kits
  • Temperature Sensors
  • In-Ground Moisture Sensors
  • Control Panels Or Controllers To Manage System

Roof, Gutter & Downspout Deicing

Nelson’s roof and guttering deicer cable and accessory products eliminate the ice dams that can build up and damage building roofs, gutters and downspouts. Even after normal melting occurs, excess water can refreeze and can create the potential for roof damage. The heater cable self regulates its power output as a function of temperature so it cannot overheat or damage sensitive roof coatings.

We have many years of experience helping customers with roof, guttering and downspout deicing projects.  Some recent projects include supplying design, materials and several custom-built control panels for roof, guttering and downspout deicing for the new Kansas City International Airport and the Costco Wholesale processing facility in Freemont, Nebraska.

We provide assistance with your roof and guttering project by offering:

  • Design and Detailed Drawings
  • Deicing Cable
  • Power Connection Kits
  • Entry, Splice and End Seal Kits
  • Downspout Hangers
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Aerial Moisture Sensors
  • Control Panels Or Controllers to Manage System
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