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A.W. Schultz (AWS) provides Quality Instrumentation, Control Packages and Heat Trace for a wide variety of markets, including municipal and natural gas, as well as for other industrial applications.

Why choose A.W. Schultz?
Customer Service –
Customer service is our core value. We strive to find and retain employees who are committed to this goal. The majority of our personnel have one or more degrees in engineering or related fields. Each employee has received training not only on our products and safety but customer satisfaction as well.

Key PartnersAWS contracts with engineering firms, general contractors, vendors, and customers to ensure the best product for you. Maintaining strong alliances with other external sources allows us to continually expand our knowledge base and develop new ideas. These partnerships are essential for continued success and growth.

PreparationEvery detail is worked out prior to arriving at your site. We strive to make every project run smoothly and be successful. All of our panels, HMI programming, computer systems, and communications are tested before the equipment is delivered. AWS coordinates with the general contractor covering every detail of the project including timing the arrival of our equipment to best suit your needs.

Your project must be a success and AWS is here to make it happen for you. Contact us today at 913-307-0399.


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