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Heat Trace

A.W. Schultz Provides Heat Trace Design & Engineering

Since 1995, A.W. Schultz has been supplying heat trace design and engineering services to meet our customers needs.

Industrial Applications AWS has substantial experience in heat trace design for biodiesel and ethanol applications and in the power generation industry. AWS provides complete heat trace design for process piping and tanks including:
• Typical detail drawings
• Panel assembly and wiring diagrams
• Operating and maintenance manuals
• Isometric drawings with heat trace circuits
• Project bill of material coordination
• Circuit breaker and transformer load reports
• Breaker schedule
• Heat trace details
• Engineering assistance for installation
• Field training session at job site

Heat Trace Controls AWS provides custom heat trace control panels through its iTrace facility. iTrace control panels are highly intelligent, yet economically priced. All iTrace controls panels feature integrated GFEPD electrical protection, eliminating the need for high cost specialty breakers. AWS also offers an array of alternative control solutions; from low cost single circuits up to, and including, complete systems with a large circuit count and remote monitoring packages.

AWS provides design/build as well as design/supply packages. AWS has built strong alliances with key partners including electrical contractors, insulation contractors, and engineering firms in order to provide a complete package tailored to your requirements at a competitive price.

Commercial Applications AWS provides complete heating design for snow and ice melt applications, roof and gutter deicing systems, and frost heave applications. AWS offers full design services for these projects as well.

AWS maintains a very large inventory of heat trace cable and heat trace accessories for immediate shipment.

If you have further questions about engineering services or other heat trace services that AWS provides, please contact us.

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AWS Heat Trace Projects

• Western Dubuque Biodiesel

  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Farley, IA

• Western Iowa Energy

  Project: (Piping) Design/Supply
  Location: Wall Lake, IA

• Central Iowa Energy LLC

  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Newton, IA

• East Fork Biodiesel LLC
  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Algona, IA

• Iowa Renewable Energy

  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Washington, IA

• Beatrice Biodiesel LLC
  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Beatrice, NE

• Panda Ethanol Inc.
  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Hereford, TX

• Abengoa Bioenergy
  Project: Misc. upgrades
  Location: Colwich, KS

• Great River Soy Processing
  Project: (Piping) Design/Supply
  Location: Lilbourn, MO

• Natural Biodiesel
  Project: (Piping) Design/Supply
  Location: Hayti, MO

• Pro-Corn Ethanol
  Project: Misc. upgrades
  Location: Preston, MN

• Goodman Energy Center
  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Hays, KS

• Kansas City Power & Light
  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: LaCygne, KS

• Empire District (Asbury Plant)
  Project: Design/Supply
  Location: Asbury, MO

• Dogwood Energy Facility
  Project: Heat Trace Audit
    and Repair
  Location: Pleasant Hill, MO


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